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Development: The 4-pin Molex connector is pretty standard for disk drives, computer peripherals and things like that but it's also a great general purpose power connector. If you're using a computer power supply to juice-up your project, this is a nice clean way to hook it up.

These right-angle connectors have 4 pins spaced 0.200" as well as plastic stress-relief posts and clips.


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  • anyone one know what its called in Eagle cad?

    • COMPUTER-PERIPHERAL-POWER-RA in SparkFun-Connectors :)

    • I couldn’t find them in Eagle so I just used the dimensional drawing and Sparkfun’s Tutorial and made the part myself. I’m still needing to order some and make 100% sure that my part is accurate before I get boards made.

  • BoB? With mounting holes and stuff like that?

    • Why? This thing is huge, and would be super easy to solder. If you want to put it into a piece of protoboard, cut off the plastic mounting pegs and glue it down.

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