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Description: This panel-mount 9V battery holder is perfect for projects where you have limited panel space but still need to get to your battery to change it. Simply install this battery drawer and your 9V battery will hide out of harms way. Mounts with two screws in the front (not included) and wires in with two solder tabs on the back.


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  • Now if only they had something like this for AA and AAA.

    • Exactly. I am looking for one that holds 2 or 3 AA’s.

      • Hammond and a few other places do make cases that have battery holders built-in for AA (and I think AAA might be available also), so if you need a case as well, that might be a good choice. I’d really like to see an AA with a ‘top’ opening case (i.e. one that allows access to the full length of the battery) rather than the ‘side’ opening like this one. Something like that could be used in many types of enclosures, including plain old Zippy-Box type cases.

  • Be careful when putting the battery tray back in, this design allows you to put in with the terminals reversed. You could also put the battery in the holder with the terminals reversed if not paying attention. The dialysis machines at work have this holder and I am always repairing the power logic board because of the battery getting put in wrong.

    • Or add a bridge rectifier to get the battery to work reversed or not, but you sacrifice a little efficiency vs. just a single diode.

    • Have you thought about puttting a diode inside the machine?

  • sweet datasheet! thanks!

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