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Description: These connectors are really useful as power connectors in prototyping or in projects that are repeatedly assembled and disassembled. There are also a variety of buttons and lights that use these standard connectors.

These Female quick-disconnects are about 1/4" wide and can be crimped onto 16-14 AWG wire. Mating connectors can be found in the related items.


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  • This doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. You have the males, both 1/5 and ¼, in the “red size” (22-16) and the females in the “blue size” (16-14). I usually connect wires of the same size… ¼", female, red size I would think would be the most common.

    • These aren’t intended as inline connectors! The barrel part is insulated, but the terminal part is not, and if you mate a male/female pair of these, you’ll have exposed metal and you’ll need to insulate it separately. Just use a real connector.

      These are intended for use with components that have terminals sticking out, like switches. There, the body of the component holds the terminals so they don’t touch.

      • I’d like to see an actual answer to EliTheIceMan’s question. His point is valid, regardless of use. If the wire I have is small, and I need a female connector, then I need a RED female connector, because those are for 22-16 AWG. Then I can put it on whatever I’m putting it on and insulate it as I see fit. There should be males and females in both red (22-16 AWG) and blue (16-14 AWG) offered.

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