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Description: This 12V car adapter jack allows you to plug your project into your car’s cigarette lighter for power on the go. It includes the housing, fuse, spring-loaded center pin, and even a red LED to indicate power status. Wires are connected with solder tabs inside the housing.


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Customer Comments

  • How about getting a panel mount female to go with this?

  • the car don’t output 12v all time. the output can go to 15v in certain moments.

    • it’s worse than that, it may be as low as ~6-7V when cranking, around ~15V with the engine running and load dumps maybe as high as several hundreds volts. A car is the power supply from hell and electronics needs several layers of protecting to be reliable in a car

  • I just bought this. I cannot read the fuse rating, because the top-half of the numbers weren’t printed.

    Is it a 10A fuse? (looks like it was trying to say 10A…)

  • Great to have a fairly priced source for these!

  • What’s the max current this plug (and/or the included fuse) is rated for?

    • I know this is late, but he says in the product showcase that the fuse is rated for 10A.

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