HDMI Cable - 6'

This is an inexpensive HDMI cable that you can use to hook up your Raspberry Pi to a suitable monitor or TV. Heck, you can hook up anything you want with it, HDMI is becoming more and more common as a digital audio/video standard.

  • 6' Long

HDMI Cable - 6' Product Help and Resources

Computer Vision and Projection Mapping in Python

February 6, 2019

Use computer vision to detect faces and project images on top of them.

Customer Comments

  • All we need to do now is prove that this $5 cable is better than a Monster Cable and we can make millions!

  • Wow! Nice work guys! First HDMI cable I have ever seen that doesn't require putting up my car title as loan collateral.

    • Chill! There's this thing called irony, I suggest you look it up. And (I might be wrong) I think Mupeg was referring more to the reputation HDMI cables have than to their actual price.

    • Not to be that guy, but you've obviously never heard of monoprice. Good job Sparkfun on the price, not as cheap as MP but still very competitive.

    • Really, I've never paid over $8 for a 3 pack of V1.4 Category 2, 6' cables. Also I've paid less than $20 for (2) 25' cables of the same rating. Absolutely no problem with any connection I've tried.

  • Any chance of carrying a Male-Female Cable? I'm making something with a Raspberry-Pi and wanted to extend the HDMI output outside of the enclosure.

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Very happy with cable

I use the cable every day with my RPi and it works great.