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Description: The Netduino Plus is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework. The board features a 32-bit microcontroller and a rich development environment, making it a perfect solution for engineers and hobbyists alike.

The Netduino Plus 2 has four times the speed (168MHz), six times the code space (384KB), and twice the available RAM (100KB+) of Netduino Plus 1. They’ve also given it a whole series of rich new features like four serial ports, six PWM channels and 12-bit ADC. The 6-pin ICSP header has been swapped out for a 10-pin MiniJTAG header. The goal is to enable developers to compile their own firmware using GCC and debug both native and managed code at the same time.


  • STMicro 32-bit microcontroller
  • Speed: 168MHz, Cortex-M4
  • Code Storage: 384 KB
  • RAM: 100+ KB
  • 10 mbps Ethernet
  • Micro SD card support up to 2 GB
  • Input Voltage: 7.5 - 9.0 VDC or USB powered
  • 25 mA per Pin max Current
  • Digital I/O are 3.3 V but 5 V tolerant



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Customer Comments

  • Hi guys, any idea when these will be back in stock?

  • Sorry if this is obvious to others, I’m a little confused about the product description stating “goal is to compile using GCC” - I thought the Netduino is for Visual Studio .NET - does this mean that this is for .NET coders to get started with .NET then move to GCC? I’m a little confused about this. Thank you

  • Is the rating “10 mbps Ethernet” as printed or is it a typo and should read “10/100 mbps Ethernet” which is most common?

    • it IS 10 mbps only, and 100 isn’t supported. Had an issue at work where the switch wasnt set up to handle 10 mbps traffic and I couldn’t see the device at all. Major heart attack moment there.

    • Surprisingly, I believe it’s correct. The schematic shows that it uses the ENC28J60 Ethernet controller [Datasheet] which is 10BASE-T. The original Netduino Plus used a different controller (the DM9161AEP [Datasheet]) which supported 10/100 Mbps.

      Apparently you can also get them from SparkFun.

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One of the best board i know

As a .Net programmer, to use the language and the environment where I work every day makes it much easier the development of prototypes of various projects. The ethernet and the SD card on board are a Plus!