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Description: These LED string lights are a great way to add light to any project with little to no soldering required. The insulated strings come in 10m lengths with one green LED every 10cm for a total of 100 LED's, all you have to do is add 3-3.4V and they are ready to shine.

Note: 3-3.4V is the the working voltage of these strings. Please do not use 12V.

Dimensions: 10m


Comments 3 comments

  • So you can not make these lights blink slow or fast?

  • in the video it said these take 12 volts, but here it says 3-3.4. which is it?

    also, the datasheet says 16 mA – is that for the whole string, or each individual LED?

    • It’ll be the 3-3.4V, as more explicitly stated in the note :) When some others tried applying 12V, the resistor essentially burnt out.

      The 16mA would be per LED. They’re wired in parallel, so it quickly adds up.

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