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Description: The INV133 is a simple and easy to use electroluminescent inverter from ELastoLite® that will allow you to drive any EL panel or panels with an area greater than 8in2 (and less than 20in2). The INV133 charges at 3.7V with a 1100mAh current thanks to the mini USB rechargeable Li-Poly battery enclosed in the inverter. All you need to do to start using the INV133 is simply plug in any 4-pin 1mm spaced connector or one of the ELastoLite® over-molded connectors, press a button, and get glowing!

ELastoLite® is a waterproof electroluminescent lamp line that allows you to apply light to any article of clothing or project. Thanks to a 3-dimensional, elastomeric, membranous polymer thick film, this EL line can be applied to almost any surface with no loss to flexibility and movement. 

Note: Make sure you check out the Hookup Guide below for ELastoLite® tips and instructions.


  • 1x USB A to USB Mini B Cable


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  • can this inverter work with EL Wire ?

    • It can, just the connectors are different. You can easily use the ELasoLite connector and make a Molex to JST adapter to make it work (consult the ELastoLite tutorial on the wire pinout for the ELastoLite connector as it’s less obvious than it seems).

  • Does anyone know the pinout for this inverter? Using my voltmeter I see that the two pins closest to the light Icon are at approx 160V ac. The other two appear to be around 26V ac, which seems odd to me.

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