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Description: These precision gearmotors are incredibly tough and feature full metal gears to help you drive wheels, gears, or almost anything else that needs to turn. They have a gear ratio of 70:1 and operate up to 12 volts and deliver a stall torque of 194.4 oz-in. and a max speed of 60 RPM. Each precision gearmotor sports a 6mm diameter D-shaft that protrudes from them.


  • Voltage: 6 - 12 Volts
  • Gear Ratio: 70:1
  • Stall Torque: 194.4 oz-in. (@ 12V)
  • Speed: 60 RPM (@ 12V)
  • No Load Current: 120 mA (@ 12V)
  • Stall Current: 1A (@ 12V)
  • Insulation Resistance: 20 MOhm
  • Dielectric Strength: 250VDC
  • High Torque Construction
  • DC Reversible
  • Shaft Size: 6mm Diameter x 0.715” Length
  • Weight: 8.05 oz.


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Customer Comments

  • Is there a published MTBF for this product? I know it has metal gears, but the material the gears is made from won’t matter much if there’s a bearing failure. My application would have this running for weeks at a time 24x7 at the fully rated voltage. It’s not a high torque application, if that makes any difference. It’s running a magnetically coupled stir bar which slowly mixes a fluid in a container above it.

    Anyway, I just finished building it and was curious.

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Very good gear motor

Purchased this gear motor for a dc motor position control application. I also purchased a 4:1 gearset from sparkfun’s robotic section for a pot position feedback. When combined I was able to achieve a loadless position settling time of less than .7 seconds and a 50% loaded settling time of less than 1.0 seconds and less than 4% overshoot.
This motor was ideal for my application and provides torque as specified. The pot sensor I used was not supplied by sparkfun, but similar pot sensors are available through sparkfun. Very satisfied with the product quality as spec’d. Would purchase again.