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Description: This timing belt mount let’s you clamp a portion of an XL timing belt to other Actobotics parts. It uses 4 6-32 tapped holes to connect to any 0.77" hole pattern. This can connect to channels, hub spacers, or anything else you want to move with a timing belt.

Actobotics is a robotics building system based around extruded aluminum channels, gears, precision shafts, and ball bearings. Thanks to the two standardized hole patterns, nearly all Actobotics components can be intuitively connected together. The wide range of components makes building complex electromechanical prototypes or finished projects a reality.


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Customer Comments

  • What would you suggest to mount this timing belt mount to the slider B?

  • Could you sell the XL Belt Mount B too, please?

    • This is the belt mount page is it not? Hope so ‘cause I’m fixing to get 4 of them. It does seem a little like another part is needed to actually tighten down on the belt. Maybe it needs a plate or something? If you get one of these working could you send me a note please.

  • Do you sell timing belts by the foot? All I see are smooth belts.

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