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Description: This PVC clamp mount has a 1.315" bore, providing an easy way to incorporate standard 1" PVC pipe into your next project. Two set screws secure to the end of a 1" pipe, and 4 tapped 6-32 holes at the other end make for attachment points to hubs or other Actobotics products.

Actobotics is a robotics building system based around extruded aluminum channels, gears, precision shafts, and ball bearings. Thanks to the two standardized hole patterns, nearly all Actobotics components can be intuitively connected together. The wide range of components makes building complex electromechanical prototypes or finished projects a reality.

Note: These mounts work with schedule 40 PVC, which has an outer diameter of 1.315", and an inner diameter of 1".


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  • Since you are effectively promoting the use of 1" PVC pipe, you might consider carrying these:,33141 Only the 1" size of course.

  • Shouldn’t this be posted in the hubs/clamps section of the robotics section?

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