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Description: These analog (RH) British Telecom connectors are primarily used by our English friends across the pond but here at SparkFun we like to use them for Vernier sensors. These 6-pin connectors are very similar to the RJ11s we use here in North America except instead of a bottom-mounted hook lock, the BTA uses a side-mounted lock. These BTA connectors are perfect for educators or other users who need to set up a Custom Vernier analog sensor which produces a voltage that changes from high to low or vice versa.


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  • Need an EAGLE part lib for this one, SPE. I design a lot of data logging systems and this could be useful. Same for BTD.

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Pin-out Diagrams for the BTA Connector

Are you looking for the elusive Male BTA connector? Want to just know more about the pin-out of a BTA connector? This website provides detailed diagrams of BTA pinouts as well as more information on BTA connectors.