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Description: EL wire, or electroluminescent wire, is a flexible wire coated in phosphor. Apply the appropriate voltage and it lights up! Each EL wire looks a lot like a thin flexible neon tube and they come in many bright colors which can be driven pretty easily with an inverter. As this is a “chasing” EL wire you will see the glowing white light seem to move across the length of itself as if it were flowing out the end, this feature provides you to add some really fantastic lighting effects to your next project!

This particular wire is 3m (almost 10 feet) in length, 2.3mm in diameter and is terminated with a 4-pin JST SMP connector. Each EL wire is also designed to be driven at 3.3V with an inverter. The connector works perfectly with the inverter and pigtail that have come out with this EL wire line, which can both be found in the Recommended Products section below.


Recommended Products

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  • Update -

    I’ve just tried this EL wire using a different, non-chasing inverter and it’s just as dim. Maybe it’s the relatively small surface area of the EL phosphor. At any rate it’s really only usable in a darkened area.

  • I ordered this wire along with the chasing inverter and I’m honestly a little disappointed in how dim the EL wire is. I’ve played with EL sheets and wire before so I didn’t expect it to be blinding, but this is dimmer than anything else I’ve tried so far. I don’t know if it’s the inverter or the wire. I used a fresh set of name brand alkaline batteries in the inverter.

    I will probably try hooking up the to another inverter to determine which is the culprit.

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