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Description: EL Inverters, if you are wanting to do anything with EL lighting you need one, period. This 3V EL Inverter is a special type that is intended to be used with a “chasing” EL wire. Unlike typical EL wires which only require a 2-pin connection, Chasing EL wire types require a 4-pin connection three for the cascading or “chasing” effect and one for common ground. Using this chasing inverter is as simple as it is to opperate its non-chasing cousin. Simply insert two AA batteries for power, plug in your Chasing EL Wire, and press the button to turn it on and select three different lighting effects (Slow Chase, Fast Chase, and Super-Duper Fast Chase).

It is recommended that these inverters only run up to 5M of EL wire, you may not have enough power to support longer lengths. Each inverter is also equipped with a small belt clip making it easier to incorporate into mobile or e-textile projects.


  • Body - 3.5" x 1.3" x 1"
  • Cable - 4.5" L


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  • I plan to order 4 of these to power 12M of chasing EL wire for my motorcycle. (3M per inverter) The motorcycle has a few switched 12VDC lines that are easy to connect to–could I connect all 4 in series safely?

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Shipping was fast and product was easy to use. I used along with a 3m strand of chasing wire in a clothing project. Had no issues using everything straight out of the box!

Just what I needed

I actually got this for a project for my grandson. He likes it, but the reaction from adults is the hilarious part. They can’t seem to take their eyes off it.

Another thing is the battery life. I’ve been running a 3 meter strand for a month for probably a couple hours per day and have not changed them yet.