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Description: This is an 8GB micro SDHC card that is pre-installed with the NOOBS operating system for the Raspberry Pi. NOOBS is actually a system image with SIX different Linux based operating systems used to run on the Raspberry Pi, Archlinux, OpenELEC, Pidora, RaspBMC, Raspbian and RiscOS. This little card allows you to start using your Raspberry Pi straight out of the box without worrying about imaging it on your own.

Note: The software on this card is compatible with all Raspberry Pi Model A, A+, B, B+, and RPi2 boards.


  • 1x 8GB MicroSD Card (NOOBS Pre-Installed)
  • 1x MicroSD to SD Adapter

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Customer Comments

  • Will this version of Raspbian work with the RPi2?

    • Nope! I thought it would. The SD card works, but you need to reformat the card and install NOOBS from scratch (which sort of defeats the purpose of buying it preinstalled…).

  • Has anyone else tried running the installed Pygames and found they crash in Python 2.X and don’t run in 3.X?

    I believe this is due to the pygames library being installed in the Python 2.X instead of 3.x. Pygame I am pretty certain (according to Al Sweigart - needs to be a library in Python 3.X.

    Not sure how best to fix this. Can I maybe change code in the games to point to the library? Or learn Linux file move commands and move library?

    Any thought, comments or suggestions are most welcome.

  • I bought this along with my new RPi2 (Model B) and the software preinstalled on this product fails to boot. All I saw after connecting everything was the default rainbow screen. If you also see the rainbow screen for more than a few seconds, and booting doesn’t progress, then you may need to reformat the SD card, download a fresh copy of the latest NOOBS, and install it on the card. That worked for me.

  • Do(es) the config.txt file(s) force HDMI output? I’ve been having some trouble getting my B+ to put out a signal (what kind of person makes an image for the B+ expecting composite out, anyway?)

  • Will the version of raspian work with the B+ or will an update be needed?

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A blank card would have served me as well

I would have been better off using a blank card. I used my Raspberry Pi without a display, and quickly found out that the distro chooser on this card seems to require a display.

No complaints at all about the SD card - just its contents.

In future I’ll buy a blank microSD card and load it with the distro I want.

Sorry to hear that this didn’t fit your needs. It’s still a great card for people needing a pre-installed version of NOOBS operating system for the Raspberry Pi. Happy hacking

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