GPS Mouse - GP-808G (72 Channel)

The GPS Mouse is a self contained module perfect for UAV and autonomous vehicle enthusiasts. The The GP-808G inside the Mouse is a highly sensitive GPS module that can accurately provide position, velocity, and time readings. This module is highly accurate and easy to use, requires almost no set-up time, and is very easy to embed into your projects!

This 72-channel GPS receiver, that supports a standard NMEA-0183 and uBlox 8 protocol, has low power consumption of 40mA@3.3V-5.0V, GPS/QZSS/GLONASS support, and -167dBm tracking sensitivity. The GP-808G has been terminated with two two JST connectors (one 4-pin and one 2-pin) and includes their mating counterparts. The Mouse-type receiver has been a popular go-to GPS option for many of the entrants in our annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) with great results!

Note: Though the GPS Mouse does contain an enclosed compass module, we do not currently possess any software or information on how to calibrate it for use at this time.

  • 1x GPS Mouse
  • 1x Mounting Pad
  • 1x JST Connector Pair
  • Multi-satellite positioning systems support: GPS/QZSS/GLONASS
  • NMEA-0183 / uBlox 8 Protocol
  • Sensitivity
    • Acquisition: -148dBm
    • Tracking: -167dBm
  • Low power: 40mA at continuous tracking
  • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) support
  • Higher update rate option (default 1Hz)
  • RTCM 2.3 support
  • A-GPS support, OMA SUPL/3GPP TS25.171 (GSM/UMTS) compliant
  • Easy to use: built-in patch antenna & 6-pin wire to board connector w/ pitch of 1.0mm
  • Backup battery support for faster position fix
  • Fully EMI shielded

GPS Mouse - GP-808G (72 Channel) Product Help and Resources

GPS Mouse - GP-808G Hookup Guide

August 24, 2017

Get started with the GP-808G GPS Mouse. This GPS module is great for advanced projects such as autonomous vehicles.

Customer Comments

  • I don't see any more information on the compass part than in the headline. No NMEA sentences. Are there any applications with the compass?

  • what are the pin numbers on the jst connectors?

  • what type of jst connector?

  • Any instructions or data sheets that describe how to change the update rate?

  • Is there a way to get the time from this device, accurate to 10ms or better? One way to get the accurate time would be to access a PPS signal from the GPS module. Is that signal accessable, so that for example the SDA line could be rewired to the PPS signal? A board schematic and a datasheet for the GPS module would be helpful.

  • For building an autonomous robot you usually need a compass and a GPS module if you want your bot to move to a given GPS location. Are these two components included in this device?

  • It says it's capable of 10hz updates. How can I set that?

  • For UAV project weight of all system components is extremely important. Could you please specify mass/weight of the deployed device? Not shipping weight... Thanks!

    • Absolutely, it weighs 40.9g (0.0902lb). That information has also been added to the description as well.

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