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These are simple flush cutters from Excelite that give you a way to cut leads very cleanly and close to the solder joint. Diagonal cutters are good, but if you really need to get up close and personal, flush cutters are the way to go! Each pair of these cutters has a 3/4in jaw length and are 5in in overall length. This tool flush cuts soft wire up to 20 AWG (0.8mm) and is ESD safe.

Note: To make sure that these flush cutters ship safely, there has been an extra amount of grease applied to the center joint. Repeatedly opening and closing the cutters will help extend the length they open.

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September 19, 2013

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  • Member #134773 / about 6 years ago / 1

    At the risk of TMI, I've found that flush cutters are also good for trimming finger nails and toe nails. In general, they are both more rugged and sharper than nail trimmers. I've used several different brands, though I haven't yet tried these particular flush cutters.

    • Member #134773 / about 6 years ago / 1

      Just to follow up, I've ordered a pair, and a few minutes ago used them to trim my finger nails. They worked well for this purpose.

      They seem to be of good quality, and should be fine for "hobbyist" and many "professionals" who aren't using them to make hundreds of cuts a day. (There are industrial quality ones that will stand up for years of making hundreds or thousands of cuts a day. Jensen Tools comes to mind as a supplier of them if you need something like that -- but you'll pay a LOT more. I might should mention that it's been about 15 years since I actually bought anything from Jensen.)

      Be aware that these cutters are ONLY rated for 20gauge (0.8mm) COPPER wire. (Remember that the lower the gauge the larger the wire.)

      One other minor comment is that to me they are "over packaged" - coming in a "retail pack" that can take some doing to get the tool out of the package.

    • Member #2058 / about 6 years ago / 1

      They really do make excellent nail trimmers.

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Best wire cutters I have owned

The Flush Cutters allow me to get into tight spots to cut wires close to the board.

If I could only have one set of cutters, they would be these.

They're sharp, comfy, and feel great to use. Flush cutters are the best of all cutters, and these are the best price! Maybe there are fancy expensive ones that will last forever, but I have not experienced any noticeable dulling or notching in these ones. No reason not to buy these ones.