Smart Lighting Integration Kit (AS7211, AS7221)

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The AS7221 Smart Lighting Integration Kit (SLIK) is a complete color tuning luminaire reference design solution, built around the ams AS7221 Network-Enabled Smart Lighting Manager. The AS7221 SLIK is built from three interconnected modules: an AS7221 module, a Bluetooth module and an LED module with two strings of white LEDs for tuning (warm and cool). It is shipped with the LED module removed and mounted on the AS7221 module to allow for diffusion and sensing of the LED light by the AS7221. For operation of the SLIK as shipped, which includes a diffuser, refer to the ams Dashboard software and documentation which is also included on the SLIK USB memory stick. The AS7221 SLIK can also be used with only one or two of the modules; additional information is available in the datasheet.

  • A fully assembled three-module AS7221 SLIK (3v2 assembly)
  • Optional AS4531 assembly for adding Daylighting operation to the AS7221 SLIK
  • SLIK AC/DC 12V power supply (including US plug adapter, as required)
  • USB cable assembly for installation into the SLIK (for serial UART interface dashboard connectivity)
  • USB stick containing SLIK User Guide (same as linked datasheet), ams Spectral Sensor Dashboard software and associated user guide, and the latest AS7221 device datasheet


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