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SMD LED - RGBW Inolux IN-PI55QATPRPGPBPW-30-5050 (Pack of 10)

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The Inolux IN-PI55QATPRPGPBPW is a mouthful! But it's also extremely similar to the popular WS2812B. This addressable LED adds a warm white LED (3000k) bringing the diode count to four in a single 5x5mm package. As with WS2812, data is sent to the PI55QATPRPGPBPW over a single pin. The difference is that 32 bits are transmitted instead of 24 to accommodate the additional white LED brightness information.

One of the downsides to addressable RGB LEDs is their inability to mix evenly to create clean white light. By adding a fourth warm white LED (3000k) this LED breaks through that limitation.

These are 8-bit RGBW LEDs meaning each LED color can achieve 256 different levels of brightness leading to over 4 billion combinations of colors. You can produce any color from white to black (off), or salmon to sienna. But really, RGB is there for color mixing, the warm white LED is there for good clean normal white illumination.


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