Solenoid - 12V (Latch / Lock)

Does controlling door and cabinet access with the power of Electromagnetism interest you? Excellent! In effect, this latch / lock solenoid is an electronic lock. When powered with 12VDC source, the latch is pulled in, allowing movement. Without power, the latch is extended, blocking movement and your secret drawer is safe and secure.

This Solenoid Latch comes with a mounting bracket which can be removed with two screws. Once removed the solenoid can be rotated 180 and remounted. Paired with a relay you can easily have a low voltage system control this and other higher voltage devices.

  • Draws 600mA at 12V
  • Designed for 1-10 seconds long activation time
  • Dimensions: 41.5mm / 1.63" x 54.5mm / 2.15" x 30mm / 1.18"
  • Lock pin extends 10mm
  • Wire length: 250mm / 9.84" Terminates in a 2-pin male JST connector.
  • Weight: 0.16kg

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Resources & Going Further

To control the latching solenoid from a microcontroller, you'll need to add a flyback diode and a MOSFET/Relay. For more information, check out the application circuit in our diodes tutorial. The solenoid will simply be added as a load on the MOSFET or relay of your choice.

Looking for inspiration for the latching solenoid? Try using it with a fingerprint scanner or RFID reader to lock an enclosure. Check out this Enginursday: Qwiic Escape Room for an example.

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    It is drawing 1.1A not 600mA and after some time it became very hot.

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Amazing cabinet lock, works flawlessly.

I bought this for a high school project with Arduino for a safe because I liked the idea of a solenoid that releases the door for you when energized and still re-latches when de-energized. I tested the solenoid and it works perfectly, it does get warm when energized for prolonged periods of time but that’s just because it pulls 0.6a when energized. I am very satisfied with this and I will most certainly buy more of these if I ever need more.