Micro HDMI Cable - 3ft

This is an inexpensive 3-foot-long HDMI to Micro HDMI cable that you can use to hook up your Raspberry Pi 4 and 5 to a suitable monitor or TV. Heck, you can hook up anything you want with it! Micro HDMI is less common of a medium right now even more than its Mini HDMI sibling, but in the interest of saving even more space it can come in handy!

  • 3' length

Micro HDMI Cable - 3ft Product Help and Resources

Raspberry Pi 4 Kit Hookup Guide

March 14, 2020

Guide for hooking up your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B basic, desktop, or hardware starter kit together.


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Works great with a small hiccup.

Only problem is this cable will not work with the Pibow Coupé 4 – Rainbow 🌈 OTB. The molding just ever so slightly blocks it from going fully into the HDMI port and gives the appearance of a DOA Pi4. Pop the top of the Pibow or notch it a bit and it should work fine. I now have a super portable audio recorder when paired with my Motu M2 and a 1TB SSD !