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JetBot Chassis Kit

The JetBot Chassis Kit is the official chassis used on the SparkFun JetBot AI Kit but can be used for many different robotics platforms. The chassis plates are made from 3.5mm thick ABS plastic milled with plenty of mounting points for sensors, servos, controllers, power and more. Assembly is simple; with just a few included screws needed for construction, you will have a reliable 2WD robotics chassis. A great economical option for desktop robots.

The JetBot chassis kit comes with two motors, two wheels, frames, a ball caster and all assembly materials like screws and standoffs. There are also the included materials for an optional camera mount to be added to your chassis.

Note: The JetBot Chassis Kit does NOT include a motor controller or a power source. These items will need to be purchased separately. Assembly & basic tools are required.

  • 2x Base Plate
  • 4x Motor Mount
  • 2x Wheel
  • 2x Motor
  • 1x Camera Mount
  • 1x Ball Caster
  • All Hardware Needed for Assembly
  • NOT INCLUDED - Phillips head screwdriver


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  • Could you please share the base plate's 3D model or the blue print with all the dimensions? This kit is perfect for the Jetson Nano but I want to 3D print some brackets for additional sensors and would like to match the base plate holes. Thank you

    • I was about to ask this same question; it's (annoying? dumb? I don't want to sound condescending) that dimensional information is not available for a chassis "with plenty of mounting options." Who is the manufacturer, so I can send them an email with the request for information?

    • Unfortunately, that would have to come from the manufacturer. As they provided this chassis specifically to be used with the Jetson, I am doubtful that they would be willing to give away their design like that.

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