SparkFun MicroMod Update Tool

The SparkFun MicroMod Update Tool is built to interface with the MicroMod Asset Tracker Carrier Board and also makes it simple to communicate directly with the u-blox SARA-R510M8S module using u-blox’s sophisticated m-center cellular evaluation software. If you’re familiar with u-center, u-blox’s GNSS evaluation software, you’ll know how excellent their software is. m-center is every bit as good. Attach a USB-C cable and away you go!

The Update Tool is not a full MicroMod Processor Board, it is much simpler than that. It has a CH340C USB-Serial converter on it which gives you full access to all eight pins of the SARA-R5’s UART interface via the Asset Tracker’s USB-C connector. Think of it as a bridge from USB to serial.

The Update Tool features eight pairs of Plated Through Hole connections for the UART signals. You can use these to connect directly to the SARA UART using 3.3V signals if you want to. The split pads on the rear of the Tool can be opened to isolate the CH340C completely; the pins nearest the M.2 will link straight to the SARA UART.

  • CH340C USB-Serial converter
  • Eight pairs of Plated Through Hole connections with split pad jumper links for:
    • Serial Transmit (TX)
    • Serial Receive (RX)
    • Request To Send (RTS)
    • Clear To Send (CTS)
    • Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
    • Data Set Ready (DSR)
    • Ring Indicator (RI)
    • Data Carrier Detect (DCD)
  • LED indicator for:
    • Power (3.3V)

SparkFun MicroMod Update Tool Product Help and Resources

MicroMod Update Tool Hookup Guide

February 25, 2021

Follow this guide to learn how to use the MicroMod Update Tool to interact directly with the UART on the MicroMod Asset Tracker's SARA-R5. Using this board you can talk directly to the module using u-blox's m-center software as well as update the firmware using EasyFlash.

MicroMod Asset Tracker Carrier Board Hookup Guide

February 25, 2021

Get started with the SparkFun MicroMod Asset Tracker Carrier Board following this Hookup Guide. The Asset Tracker uses the u-blox SARA-R510M8S LTE-M / NB-IoT module to provide a host of data communication options.

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