Infrared Proximity Contactless Button

This IR proximity contactless button makes for a good replacement for typical push buttons in situations where touching the button isn't required or desirable (especially in this day and age). This button includes a built in microcontroller to handle interference or noise, a red/blue status LED gives the user visual feedback that a "touch" has been registered, and two potentiometers on the back of the device allow you to adjust the read range from 3-15cm and adjust the "open time" from 0.5 to 20 seconds. All this is encased in a Fire/IR resistant package that easily mounts through most panels and surfaces.

NOTE As of 3/1/2022, the new version of this product has an operating voltage range of 12-24VDC (Used to just be 12V).

  • Built-in micro controller for decoding infrared signal to avoid interference from the noise.
  • Bi-color status LED (Power on: Red/ Proximity: Blue).
  • Adjustable proximity range: 3~15cm (Default: 15 cm)
  • Support adjustable opening time 0.5~20 Sec. (Default: 0.5 Sec.) or latched ON or OFF output.
  • Polycarbonate fire & UV proof material enclosure.
  • 39.7mm Diameter (full dimensions in datasheet)


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