Vibration ERM Motor - 10K RPM

Vibration ERM Motor 10K RPM 3V (VZ43FC1B5640007) represents the Eccentric Rotating Mass vibration motor (ERM), also known as a pager DC motor, with an offset (non-symmetric) mass attached to the shaft specially designed by Vybronics. This SMD reflow solderable vibration motor draws a maximum of 100mA while producing the highest G force/vibration energy of 0.91GRMS (rated speed 10.000rpm), making it an excellent choice for applications requiring crisp haptic feedback and low power consumption.

The main characteristics of this vibration motor are its supply voltage, in this case, 3VDC, maximum rated current of 100mA, and the rated speed of 10.000RPM, which produces the highest G force/vibration energy of 0.91GRMS.

  • Height: 4.3mm
  • Body: 7.5mm
  • Overall: 12.0mm
  • Rated Voltage (VDC): 3.0
  • Rated Current MAX (mA): 100
  • Typical Current (mA): 77
  • Rated Speed (RPM): 10,000
  • Vibration Force (G): 0.91


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