Reinforced Interface Cable - SMA Male to TNC Male (300mm)

This is a 300mm (1 foot) Male TNC to Male SMA cable with injection molded stress-relief boots. This is an excellent cable for connecting one of our RTK development boards to a high quality 'UFO' style GNSS antenna. Able to withstand harsh environments and field-use, it's long enough to connect to a device located on a monopole or tripod without having too much extra cable.

The SYV-50-3 cable has a loss of 52dB per 100m (320ft) or 0.16dB of loss per length of 300mm. We specifically chose SYV-50-3 cable over RG58 (46db per 100m) for its good balance of low loss and high flexibility.

Each cable has a nominal impedance of 50Ω. If you are looking for a good antenna to pair this cable with, we recommend our GNSS Multi-Band L1/L2/L5 Surveying Antenna.

  • Cable type: SYV-50-3
  • Length: 300mm / 1ft
  • TNC Connector: Male
  • SMA Connector: Male

Frequency (MHz) / Loss (dB/100m)

  • 200 / 23.74
  • 400 / 33.93
  • 900 / 51.80
  • 1800 / 69.40
  • 1900 / 77.06
  • 2000 / 79.21
  • 2400 / 87.40
  • 3000 / 98.68

Source: Lianstar


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