NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit

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The NVIDIA® Jetson AGX OrinTM 64GB Developer Kit makes it easy to get started with Jetson Orin. Compact size, lots of connectors, and up to 275 TOPS of AI performance make this developer kit perfect for prototyping advanced AI-powered robots and other autonomous machines.

The developer kit includes a Jetson AGX Orin 64GB module, and can emulate all the Jetson Orin modules. It supports multiple concurrent AI application pipelines with the NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture, next-generation deep learning and vision accelerators, high-speed IO and fast memory bandwidth. Now you can develop solutions using your largest and most complex AI models to solve problems such as natural language understanding, 3D perception, and multi-sensor fusion.

Jetson runs the NVIDIA AI software stack, and use-case specific application frameworks are available, including IsaacTM for robotics, DeepStream for vision AI, and Riva for conversational AI.

You can save significant time with NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator for synthetic data generation (SDG), and by using NVIDIA TAO toolkit to fine-tune pretrained AI models from the NGCTM catalog.

Jetson ecosystem partners offer additional AI and system software, developer tools, and custom software development. They can also help with cameras and other sensors, as well as carrier boards and design services for your product. With the computing capability of more than 8 Jetson AGX Xavier systems in a developer kit that integrates the latest NVIDIA GPU technology with the world’s most advanced deep learning software stack, you’ll have the flexibility to create tomorrow’s AI solution as well as today’s.

  • POWER ADAPTER AC Power Brick 90W
  • USB-C Cable
  • Type B (US, CA, JP) Power Cable
  • Type I (CN) Power Cable
  • Type B (TW) Power Cable
  • UPC Label
  • Quick Start and Support Guide
  • Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Module
    • GPU: NVIDIA Ampere architecture with 2048 NVIDIA® CUDA® cores and 64 Tensor cores
    • CPU: 12-core Arm Cortex-A78AE v8.2 64-bit CPU 3MB L2 + 6MB L3
    • DL Accelerator: 2x NVDLA v2.0
    • Vision Accelerator: PVA v2.0
    • Memory: 64GB 256-bit LPDDR5 204.8 GB/s
    • Storage 64GB eMMC 5.1
    • Power 15W to 60W
  • Carrier Board
    • Camera: 16 lane MIPI CSI-2 connector
    • PCIe: x16 PCIe slot supporting x8 PCIe Gen4
    • M.2 Key M: x4 PCIe Gen 4
    • M.2 Key E: x1 PCIe Gen 4, USB 2.0, UART, I2S
    • USB:
      • Type C: 2x USB 3.2 Gen2
      • Type A: 2x USB 3.2 Gen2, 2x USB 3.2 Gen1
      • Micro-B: USB 2.0
    • Networking: RJ45 (up to 10 GbE)
    • Display: DisplayPort 1.4a (+MST)
    • microSD slot: UHS-1 cards up to SDR104 mode
    • Peripherals:
      • 40-pin header (I2C, GPIO, SPI, CAN, I2S, UART, DMIC)
      • 12-pin automation header
      • 10-pin audio panel header
      • 10-pin JTAG header
      • 4-pin fan header
      • 2-pin RTC battery backup connector
      • DC power jack
      • Power, Force Recovery, and Reset buttons
    • Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm x 71.65mm (Height includes feet, carrier board, module, and thermal solution)

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