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Description: A metal caster used for omni-directional robots.

Omni-what? Imagine a robot with the dual-motor gear box. The robot can pivot in one spot, but it must also allow the other wheels on the drive train to move or slide during a turn. This caster allows the robot to rotate and pivot in all directions - omni-directional - without the need for complex steering mechanisms.


  • Can be configured for 6 different overall heights including 11, 16, 25, 27, 35, and 37mm
  • Includes mounting holes and hardware
  • Package contains parts for two complete casters

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Customer Comments

  • As far as I can see there is no hole pattern info anywhere on the web, so…

    This caster has two base configurations with different hole patterns. In the 11-16mm height range there is a triangular hole pattern of approx ~16.5mm O.C. and in the 25-37mm range there is a square hole pattern of 20mm O.C.

    Hope this helps.

  • Anybody have dimensions on this thing? I’m trying to do a model in Solidworks, but I won’t have mine for another couple of days.

  • Surprised with really great customizability and quality. Say goodbye to caster wheels! :)

  • I was wondering how much weight one of these can hold up?

    • I don’t have one of these but by the looks of it in the picture, it will probably hold up at least two, maybe three, kilos.

  • very usefull caster for a most engines/wheels.
    the assembly is pretty easy and the ball rolls smoothly over most surfaces. im very satisfied with these casters.

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