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Description: Standard frequency crystals - use these crystals to provide a clock input to your microprocessor. Rated at 20pF capacitance and +/- 50ppm stability. Low profile HC49/US Package.

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  • The Atmel recommends 12-22pF capacitors for their ATMega and ATtiny microcontrollers. So 22pF sounds like a good number.

    • I believe that the microcontroller is irrelevant capacitance value, each crystal has their own capacitor values that it needs.

  • I’ve been trying to find information on what capacitors to use with this crystal without much luck. Best I could come up with is 22pF for both caps. If anyone has any suggestions on where to find cap information I’d love to hear it. If not, I’ll report back with some tests after I receive the part.

  • Works great with ATMega328P. I am not using any capacitors, just stuck the crystal across the XTAL pins and the chip responds just fine and timing seems to be accurate. The only problem is that most example code seems to be based around the (more common) 16MHz frequency and you may have to recalculate some numbers. The datasheet has 20MHz listed for calculating serial baud rates so that part shouldn’t be hard.

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