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Description: 5" hemostats with a straight tip. We use them to hold wire wrap wire in place when we're 'green wire' fixing a board. A must have for any PCB fixing project.

Read more about cutting traces and 'green wire' fixing in the SMD How To tutorial.

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  • Hemostats are excellent for holding solder wick so you don’t burn your fingers or melt the plastic roll the wick comes in … not that I’ve done that.

  • Also bought one of these. had a crack right on the pivot. Still working though.

  • I bought three of these curved and straight. Poorly manufactured, terrible really. All went straight to the garbage can.

    • You may have gotten some bad ones. We use these all the time and they’ve worked quite well for us. If you still have them, contact if you’re unhappy with them.

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