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Description: This is a small IR receiver module with built in lens, preamp, internal filter and demodulator. All in less than 8x3mm. Perfect for your next IR control project! Part #: TSOP85238 - Standard application IC for use with the most popular 38kHz IR carrier frequency.

Breakout board available below.


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  • DO you have an eagle lib for this?

  • This thing is beyond tiny and not for DIY'ers unless you etch your own PCB’s. The 3mm dimension is not the thickness (and thank you javascript programmers for breaking the image functions on these pages… not all of us run bleeding edge versions of IE).
    Pins are about 1mm with every other mm being a pin. Note that there are no legs on this part and it will need SMD pads UNDER it.
    I really wish SparkFun would carry the cheap 3pin through-hole type IR receivers, but I don’t see any at the time of writing. Note that this is Consumer IR and not IrDA (works with TV type remote controls).

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