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Description: These are very small surface mount quartz crystals used where size is a concern. 12MHz is ideal for use with microcontrollers that have built-in USB hardware.

Note: The datasheet below is a generic datasheet for many of our crystals. The value of the crystal may not match.


  • Small 5x3.2mm footprint
  • Operating temperature: -40-85C
  • Frequency Tolerance: +/- 20ppm
  • 12pF load capacitance


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Customer Comments

  • Could you provide these in 8MHz?

  • datasheet says Frequency : 14.7456 MHz

  • Be careful with these - they are orientation specific, yet the SFE layout for Eagle doesn’t have any orientation markings for the chamferred pad on the crystal.

    • Can you send us an email to as we would like to hear about this problem.

      • Actually ignore my first post - They may have a chamfered pad, but pads 1 and 3 (on opposite corners) are connected to the crystal element. Rotating the part 180 degrees would have no impact on the connection. Pads 1 and 3 will still be connected.
        P.S. After using these crystals more, they’re a great fit in my projects. Great size, and easy to reflow solder.

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