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Description: Through hole 24.5 mm coin cell holder. This holder fits our rechargeable 24.5mm Lithium Ion coin cell battery. Holds battery in place with friction. Metal housing is +, PCB pad underneath is -.


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Customer Comments

  • copy this for datasheet!

  • This is 3009 model

  • is this 3007 or 3009 model?

  • The Eagle part for this doesn’t have positive for both pins on the housing, only one of them.

  • Sorry to say, but the link is still bum.

  • The link to the data sheet is broken (again apparently)
    could you please fix it as I need to create a footprint (in P-Cad) in order to use this part.

  • While cheap, these style of holders are a PITA. They rely on good contact between the battery and a solder pad on the PCB for one side of the circuit.
    We used them on a production basis and we had many problems with contaminants making a bad connection. Finally ended up manually swabbing each board before it went out. Do yourself a favor and get a holder with two contacts.

    • If you’re doing any kind of reflow soldering on your boards for SMD, I’d think you could just leave a hole in the paste stencil for that pad, a good blob of solder should create a nice clean “bump” which the holder will push the battery against. Though I can see how these could certainly be a pain without that.

  • Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

  • The link to the datasheet is broken, can you please fix it? I am interested in using this product

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