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Description: These are high quality BJT NPN transistors that work well with audio applications, made by ST Micro.

Datasheet: BC547

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Customer Comments

  • You’re right! Wow… That’s some profit margin!

  • Is that price some kind of typo or something? I can get these for $.08 from Jameco…

    • I seriously doubt that SF is making a huge profit on these. I suspect that the price reflects the cost of keeping them in stock for people like me that need 3 of ‘em, but are 200 miles from the nearest Radio Shack. Yeah, I could order from Jameco, Mouser, or DigiKey, but it’s not like I can send them a quarter and an SASE and get 3 transistors and a penny by return mail.

  • Question I dont know anything about these. I need them for a project? how DO i know which leg is which?

  • Can someone point me towards a tutorial / sample circuit that demonstrates using one of these?

    I’m interested in knowing what voltage is required at the “B” leg to enable voltage thru C to E. Can there be different voltages between B and C/E? Meaning - can I use 3v on B to enable 5v thru C to E?

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