SparkFun will be closed Nov 26th and 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday. Orders placed after 2:00pm MT on the 25th will ship out Monday the 30th.

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Description: By popular demand, this is the new SparkFun T-Shirt. Black with SparkFun parts scattered around the phrase “Let Your Geek Shine” and a small SparkFun logo.

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Customer Comments

  • Awesome.

  • For legal reasons, you should'nt say that the SFE nerd isn included. also: I see nerd as a positive adjective.

  • Do you have the sizes of the t-shirts? Like shoulder to waist and around the waist or something like that? I have no idea what size to order. If you’ve got the size of the hoodies too that’d useful :D

    • They’re pretty generic in sizes. I wear a medium t-shirt, and I got a medium, and it fits. Just get whatever size you usually get :-)

  • I got one and I like it a lot! They do shrink a little bit, or at least mine did.

  • It looked like a lino cut in the vote

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