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Description: These are your standard 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries from Rayovac. Don’t even think about trying to recharge these. Roughly 750mAh per AAA cell. Combine 4 to get ~6V peak, and ~4.8V as they hit their discharge curve.

Sold in single units.

Note: This item is non-returnable. If this item arrives damaged or is not functioning properly, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if further actions may be taken.

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Customer Comments

  • can you tell me what the internal resistance of this battery is? (let’s say for short pulses, < 0.1 second)

    • This is for a Duracell battery, but given the fierce competition, the specs should be similar. It’s under Nominal Internal Impedance and it tends to get worse as the battery gets discharged.

  • On the product page for the AA batteries, it says buying 4 at a time makes it easier for you to package. Does that apply to these batteries as well?

  • I like how the SFE guys feel the need to explicitly tell you not to recharge an alkaline battery in the description. :P

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