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Description: This is a tiny trackball akin to those found on a number of Blackberry models (8100, 8300, 8320, 8800, 8830, etc). Each of the four spindles have a tiny circular magnet on each end. Great when paired with very small SMD Hall effect sensors.

Ball is clear to allow for LEDs placed underneath to light up the ball.


  • Center select button
  • 360° direction

Dimensions: 9x11mm


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Customer Comments

  • The new breakout board (BOB) doesn’t list the Hall effect sensors used but the previous version of the BOB included a link to the datasheet of the Hall effect sensors it used. Here’s a link to the Mouser part.

  • Wouldn’t it only need 2 hall effect sensors, one for each axis (X and Y)?

  • Can i use this to detect diagonal directions? can it engage two orthogonal rollers?

  • I saw the comment that “when rolling the ball R, the L roller does not turn”. I need to detect the direction and speed of a shaft on which is mounted a magnet. The speed is easy, but the direction has me stumped, any ideas anyone?

  • I can’t tell from the picture - how is this thing mounted? Is there a datasheet on it somewhere? I use a different circuitboard creation software that doesn’t support Eagle libraries, so I kinda want to know how to mount it without actually buying it first.

    • It’s reflowed directly to a board. Your best (and only option really) is to look at the footprint in the eagle library. It’s free and I’m sure you could export it, or at least translate it.

  • Im about to order this in a couple days… why dont you sell the hall effect sensors?
    They would be nice, even for other projects.
    Is this the sensor:(?)
    It says not recommended for new designs… does that mean it will soon be phased out? if so what do you recommend as a replacement…

    • Well…there is a hall effect sensor listed in the related products. Not the greatest ever but I’m sure it would work for this purpose.

      • Kind of late but i should note i have tried the Through hole version of the SS461C and works well… so i assume the SOT version should as well…
        So as a TIP use a BiPolar Latching Hall effect sensor and you should be fine!

  • i would pay extra for it to be presoldered

  • Does anyone have a mechanical drawing of this trackball so I can use this in my project? Kinda difficult to make a case for something without one.

  • Are you sure that this is in the SFE library because I just downloaded the most recent version and could not find it in there.

  • Does this actually include the hall effect switches? If it did, this would make an extremely interesting part!

    • It does not. Basically, this is just the mechanical portion of the trackball with the magnets. To actually use it you need to add hall effect sensors and (for “center select”) a button to sit underneath it. Check out the breakout board and its schematic for more info.
      As I understand it - the reason you need four hall effect sensors and not just two is that the trackball actually has four magnets - when you roll the ball right, it turns just one of the two magnets associated with the X axis…

  • Just build a analog Trackball It seems that it can’t push too hard or the same axis will both moving Still coding to move inside Attiny24, but it works! I’ve build a USB mouse with Leonardo.

    • Any chance you could direct towards more information on how to do this, or at least more technical details of what you did?

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