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Description: This is a super-high intensity Luxeon Rebel LED, warm white in color. These LEDs provide optimized light quality and efficiency to address a number of project needs, including LED illumination.

These LEDs can be blindingly bright and have a max forward current of 1A! This LED has a typical forward voltage of 3VDC (2.55V to 3.99V range). They're also tiny; measuring in at about 3 x 4.5 mm.

These LEDs can get toasty; you may want to consider adding some form of heatsinking to them. In addition to the heatsink, we also carry a lense and lense carrier specific to the rebel LEDs. Those components are all part of a solderless LED holder, they all snap together and really simplify the connection to these LEDs.


Comments 7 comments

  • The heatsink for the product is no longer made, and nothing has been released to replace it. These heat up too much to stay on for longer than about 20-30 seconds. I suggest using a different LED unless they are meant to flash on and off.

  • Can this be connected to an arduino? And if so, how?

  • The pictures for this LED are the wrong ones. The front face of the warm white LED itself has a yellowish tint to it.

  • WARNING: Careful reading of the datasheet reveals:

    Maximum Ratings limits are specified when applied singularly and for device operation not to exceed 60 seconds.
    Typical continuous operating current is apparently more like 600 - 700 mA with appropriate heat sinking.

    • If you give it too much current, the top bulb will melt off and the LED will start to become much dimmer.
      I tried it out of curiosity.

  • Which Luxeon part # is this?

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