SmartiPi Touch 2

The SmartiPi Touch 2 is a case and stand for the official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen LCD. The display securely fits into the case with four screws, while a Raspberry Pi 2, 3, B+, A+ or 4 can be enclosed in the compartment on the back with a vented door. A ribbon cable that comes with the display connects into the Raspberry Pi's DSI port. The stand has a pivot that allows you to adjust the angle of the screen for better viewing, as well as mounting points to affix it to a certain location.

The SmartiPi Touch 2 has an integrated camera mount for your very own Raspberry Pi Camera Module and three interchangeable face plate options. Additionally, if you are looking to attach any HATs to the Raspberry Pi, you are in luck! The door to the Raspberry Pi has been cut to accommodate access to all of its GPIO pins. There is also a second door included with a built in fan as an option. There is even a dual micro USB splitter cable included, which allows you to use a micro USB power supply to power the display and the Raspberry Pi at the same time!

Note: The SmartiPi Touch 2 does NOT include an LCD, camera, Raspberry Pi, or any other electronics. This product only contains the case and additional assembly parts.

  • 1x SmartiPi Touch 2 Case
  • 1x Adjustable Stand
  • 1x Building block compatible front plate with camera hole
  • 1x Smooth front plate with camera hole
  • 1x Smooth front plate
  • 1x Door with fan
  • 1x Door with GPIO access
  • 1x Micro USB Splitter Cable for P1 2 and 3 -- 10cm
  • 1x USB-C Splitter Cable for Pi 4 -- 10cm
  • 1x DSI Ribbon Cable
  • 2x Wall Mount Bracket
  • 1x Assembly Screw Bag
  • 1x Allen Wrench

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Well thought-out Raspberry PI enclosure

With the "official" Raspberry PI 7" LCD screen you can set up a stand-alone good looking PI control panel in minutes. Everything needed is included, though if you want the camera that is separate. And of course you need a Pi3 or 4.

It works well with both PI3 and PI4, including a fan for the hot-running 4. And a Pi4 compatible USB splitter cable. But there is no easy way to access the 40 pin extension connector with the 4 when the fan is installed. Any of the standard cables or hats etc. would block the fan. So the PI3 may be a better choice, and is perfectly adequate for control-panel applications. For control panels, a cheap 2G PI3 B+ is perfect.

My unit came with two blank front plate panels instead of one blank and one with the camera hole. Fortunately I don't need the camera.

All in all, a very well-designed way to get your PI out of the clutter on your bench and into operation.