Shapeoko 4 XXL - No Table, with Router

This is the Shapeoko 4 XXL, nearly double the cutting area of the Shapeoko 4 Standard! The Shapeoko is a 3-axis CNC Machine kit that allows you to create your 2D and 3D designs out of non-ferrous metals, hardwoods, and plastics. The Shapeoko 4 XXL is designed to be affordable enough for any shop and powerful enough to do real work. Don’t let the size intimidate you! This is an entry-level CNC machine designed for hobbyists, artists, and fabricators!

Each Shapeoko 4 XXL has a cutting area of 838.2mm(X) x 838.2 mm(Y) x 101.6mm(Z) (33" x 33" x 4") and an overall footprint of 1270mm(X) x 1041.4mm(Y) x 482.6mm(Z) (50" x 41" x 19"). The power cable included in this kit is designed for the United States National Plug Standard. Don’t forget you can put whatever you want on the adapter ring (as long as it fits), whether that’s a laser, 3D print extrusion head, or a marker. Get creative!

Upgrades from the Shapeoko 3 include:

  • New, more rigid v-wheel design
  • 15mm belts
  • Inductive homing switches
  • New electronics
  • Integrated t-slot Hybrid Table (OPTIONAL)
  • Fully-supported Y extrusions
  • Leadscrew-driven Z-axis
  • New, more rigid 65mm router mount
  • Sweepy 65mm V2 dust boot

Note: This version does not come with a table, you will have to provide an MDF table / wasteboard for the machine. No t-slot workholding will be included.

Note: This item is non-returnable. If this item arrives damaged or is not functioning properly, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if further actions may be taken.

Not Compatible with the Shapeoko 4:

  • Expansion Packs
  • T-Track & Clamp Kits
  • Z-Plus
  • Proximity Switch Kit
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Shapeoko 3 Bit Setter
  • HDZ 4.0
  • Footprint: 1270mm x 609.6mm x 482.6mm (50" x 24" x 19")
  • Cutting Area: 838.2mm x 838.2mm x 101.6mm (33" x 33" x 4")
  • Weight 165lbs. (Shipped in two boxes)
  • Operating System: Mac (OSX 10.14 or higher) or PC (Windows 8.1 or 10, Intel or AMD)

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Skill Level: Experienced - Your experiences should include working with stepper motors and feedback system. You may need to understand how encoders and more complex control systems work.
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Core Skill: DIY

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3 Electrical Prototyping

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