MIKROE Stepper Click

MIKROE Stepper Click is a complete solution for driving bipolar stepper motors with full/half and micro-steps. It features the A3967 IC from Allegro Microsystems with proprietary Satlington™ sink drivers on its outputs, which ensure high efficiency and reliable operation of the internal H-Bridges. This IC has the integrated translation section, used to simplify the control: using simple step control inputs from the host MCU, the stepper motor can be driven in both directions, with the predetermined step sizes. In addition, the output current is regulated allowing for noiseless operation of the stepper motor, with no resonance and ringing typically observed at unregulated stepper driver designs.

Additional features of the Stepper Click include undervoltage, shoot-through, and thermal protection, so the Click board™ can operate reliably. With its input voltage range up to 25V, it can drive a wide range of stepper motors with up to 750mA max. Due to simplicity of the step motor control, as well as the selection of various stepping modes offered by this Click board™, it is a perfect solution for building various applications that require precise and reliable stepper motor control, such as the movement control of beds, heads, and assemblies of various CNC plotting, milling and 3D printer designs.

Stepper Click uses the A3967, a micro-stepping driver IC with a translator, from Allegro Microsystems. This is a highly integrated IC, which offers a very simple bipolar stepper motor control interface, thanks to the integrated translator section. This section controls the output drivers, providing smooth action of the stepper motor. By controlling the current intensity throughout the rotation cycle, a constant torque is achieved for every position. The current regulator uses an internal comparator, DA converter, and external sensing resistor. The sensing resistor value determines the maximum current during the operation, limiting it to 568mA when using 5V, or to 350mA when using 3.3V as the reference voltage.

The reference voltage and the logic voltage levels can be selected by the I/O LEVEL selection SMD jumper. This jumper routes either 3.3V or 5V power rail from mikroBUS™ to LOG SUP and REF pins. LOG SUP pin is used as the power supply input for the logic section of the A3967 IC, while the voltage at the REF pin determines the reference voltage for the current regulator section. I/O LEVEL jumper allows the Click board™ to be interfaced to both 3.3V and 5V MCUs.

A LOW to HIGH transition on the STEP pin of the A3967 IC will perform one rotational step. The direction of the rotation is controlled by the logic state on the DIR pin. The step size is determined by two pins: MS1 and MS2. The truth table below provides a correlation between the logic states of these pins and the step size. It is possible to work with full step (using two phases), half step, quarter step, and eighth step. The STEP pin is routed to the mikroBUS™ PWM pin and it is labeled as STP. MS1 and MS2 pins are routed to the mikroBUS™ AN and RST pins respectively, labeled as MS1 and MS2. DIR pin is routed to the CS pin of the mikroBUS™ and it is labeled as DIR.

The SMD jumper labeled as EN pin can be used to route the #EN pin of the IC to the INT pin of the mikroBUS™. This allows the host MCU to enable or disable the A3967 IC. By default, this jumper is positioned to route the #EN pin to the GND directly, permanently enabling the IC.

The Click board™ offers a choice to use a power source for driving the motor: one is the external voltage routed to the input connector, while the other is 5V power rail from the mikroBUS™. While using the external connector, the voltage of the external power supply should remain below 25V. Selection between the external power supply and 5V rail from the mikroBUS™ can be done by moving the jumper labeled as MOTOR PWR, to either 5V position or EXT position. This jumper is a 3x1 male header with the standard 2.54mm pitch, providing a simple and effortless operation.

The stepper motor can be connected via the disconnectable crimp style XH connector with 2.5mm pitch, which can be usually found on many small size stepper motors. This header is optional and comes unsoldered, in case that some other type of header or connector needs to be used, instead.

  • Interface: GPIO
  • Compatibility: mikroBUS™
  • Dimensions: 42.9 x 25.4mm
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
  • External Power Supply Voltage: Min. 5V, Typ. 5V, Max. 25V
  • Current Limit (min. 3.3V/ max. 5V): Min. 375mA, Max. 560mA
  • Step Size: Min. Full Step, Max. Eighth Step

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