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MIKROE H-Bridge Driver 2 Click

H-Bridge Driver 2 Click is a compact add-on board that contains an H-bridge gate driver, also known as a full-bridge pre-driver. This board features the NCV7535, a monolithic H−bridge pre-driver for a DC motor with an enhanced feature set, useful in automotive systems from ON Semiconductor. The gate driver channels are independently controlled by a 24-bit SPI interface, allowing this Click board™ to be optionally configured in a single or dual H-bridge mode. It has a wide operating voltage range from 6V to 18V with built-in protection features against short-circuit, under/over voltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature conditions. This Click board™ is suitable to drive external MOSFETs, thus providing control of a DC-motor.

H-Bridge Driver Click as its foundation uses the NCV7535, H-bridge gate driver (or full-bridge pre-driver) with independent high and low-side driver channels from ON Semiconductor. This monolithic H−bridge pre-driver has an enhanced feature set helpful in various applications for a DC motor drive. It allows bi-directional or uni-directional motor operations, with integrated MOSFET and load protection.

The onboard VIN terminal is the device's power supply input, allowing a wide operating voltage range from 6V to 18V. The NCV7535 also comes with built-in protection features against short-circuit and overtemperature conditions, under-voltage (UV), overvoltage (OV), and overcurrent events. When the supply returns to a level above the UV threshold or below the OV threshold, the device resumes regular operation according to the established condition of the input pins.

H-Bridge Driver 2 Click communicates with MCU through a standard SPI interface supporting the common SPI mode, SPI Mode 0, providing data in digital format of 24-bits. It also uses the Enable pin labeled as EN and routed to the RST pin of the mikroBUS™ socket to optimize power consumption, used for its power ON/OFF purposes. Besides, by using the PWM signal from the mikroBUS™ socket, combined with the SPI interface and its control register, the user can also use active or passive free-wheeling bridge configurations.

This Click board™ can operate with both 3.3V and 5V logic voltage levels selected via the VCC SEL jumper. This way, it is allowed for both 3.3V and 5V capable MCUs to use the communication lines properly. However, the Click board™ comes equipped with a library containing easy-to-use functions and an example code that can be used, as a reference, for further development.

  • Interface: PWM, SPI
  • Compatibility: mikroBUS™
  • Dimensions: 42.9 x 25.4mm
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
  • External Power Supply: Min. 6V, Max. 18V
  • Operating Temperature Range: Min. -40°C, Typ. +25°C, Max. +85°C


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