Machinechat Software License Card - JEDI Pro

Machinechat® JEDI is a turnkey software application that allows you to easily add data collection, visualization, monitoring and managed storage to commercial IoT deployments. Because JEDI Pro runs as a local service on server or single board computer, there is no need for sending all your data to the cloud and there are no monthly subscription fees.

JEDI Pro is designed to become an integral part of your IoT solution. With a footprint of less than 35 megabytes and features that rival popular IoT cloud platforms, JEDI Pro runs entirely on your ARM-based embedded hardware or X86-based computers. You are in control of your data, solution, and costs.

Note: This is currently available as a physical license card that will be shipped to you with a unique license code. We cannot accept returns/exchanges of this product.

  • Intel x86 PC or server, Raspberry Pi (2B or higher) BeagleBoard® AM335x-based BeagleBone boards
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Apple Mac OS 10.13.6 and above
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and above
  • AM3358 Debian Linux OS
  • Raspberry Pi OS
  • Memory : 512MB or greater
  • Storage : 35MB minimum of disk or flash space for JEDI Pro application

Machinechat Software License Card - JEDI Pro Product Help and Resources

Getting Started with Machinechat

October 7, 2022

Organize and display your data with SparkFun's Artemis OpenLog and MachineChat's JEDIOne!


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