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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: Note: This product is being discontiued and there is no direct replacement.

The PICAXE Color Sensor is a complete RGB color sensor module for color detection and sorting operations. The output of the sensor is a square wave with the frequency directly proportional to the light intensity. By counting the number of pulses in a short sample (50ms for example), you can get a reliable indication of the light intensity. The RGB sensor can be attached to any microcontroller capable of monitoring an GPIO pin, it can also be interfaced to all PICAXE chips that support the ‘count’ command.


  • Color sensor and PCB assembled
  • Lens assembly
  • 2 white LEDs
  • 2 LED support post,
  • 2 angle support posts


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