Powerline Smart Outlet Control - USB

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This is the control unit for the smart outlet. The enclosed transceiver module is designed to send/receive serial data over power lines with a USB interface. LinkSprite smart outlet system consists of one or more smart outlet controller units and one or more smart outlets. The smart outlet system can be controlled by host (PC or MCU) through serial port using convent AT commands. Smart outlet can be turned on/off, report real time power, and report accumulated energy consumed remotely by LinkSprite powerline communication technology.

A smart outlet controller unit works as gateway to communicate with the remote smart outlets by powerline communication. On the smart outlet controller motherboard, there is a 20-pin receptacle, users can choose different daughter boards based on the interface needs. This 20-pin receptacle is pin-compatible with Xbee modules. So an Xbee module can also be used on smart outlet controller. Available interface cards are found in the below related items.

The smart outlet controller can also be configured to transparently move serial data over the powerline network, and achieves the target of replacing cables by the ubiquitous powerline network.

All LinkSprite modules, including smart outlet controller and smart outlet have the built-in packet-level repeater function. This feature can greatly extend the coverage of the powerline communication.

LinkSprite smart outlet controller and smart outlet have both physical and logic addresses. In a network, both physical and logic addresses can be used to address different nodes in the network, and can also broadcast within the same domain.


  • Fully transparent mode, plug and play coming out of the box without the need to do any programming
  • Built-in error correction codes
  • Built-in repeater function to extend the coverage
  • Physical and logic address
  • AT commands used for advanced configuration
  • USB interface to host
  • FSK(Frequency Shift Keying) modulation used in physical layer
  • Low power Design
  • RoHS

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