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Shaping the next generation of open source.

Nothing opens horizons like open source. Through its Co.Lab program, Red Hat has brought open hardware projects to students in cities across America and around the world. Now, the leader in enterprise open source software is joining SparkFun, the leader in open source educational hardware, to bring the Co.Lab experience to your home.

Colab with SparkFun

The Future of Tech is Collaborative

Co.Lab uses open hardware and methodologies to teach students why being open is a better way to solve problems.

Red Hat Co.Lab Robot Kit

The Red Hat Co.Lab Robot Kit has everything you need to build your own wheeled open source robot. Equipped with LEDs, an accelerometer, a compass, and multiple sensors, the finished machine can spell your name in lights or guide itself through courses and mazes.

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Build instructions for the Red Hat Co.Lab Robot

Power of Open Source

The Power of Open Source

Open source began as a better way to make software. It’s become a movement that’s making our world better. From education to health care and energy to robotics, the core tenets of open source―transparency, collaboration, community, and inclusive meritocracy―create meaningful change.

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