Red Hat Co.Lab Farm Kit

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In this kit, you’ll find everything you need to build an open source farm.

The Red Hat Co.Lab Farm kit packs three activities into one small box:

  • First, learn how breadboards work and experiment with creating simple circuits by adding jumper wires, batteries and an LED
  • Then, by adding a sensor to the components from your breadboard experiments, you’ll create a signal that lights up when there’s not enough moisture in your planter. And, by reversing one piece of the circuit, you’ll use the same components to build a sensor that lights when there’s too much moisture.
  • Finally, with the addition of your own seeds and container, as well as the hydroponic felt included with the kit, you can plant your own microgreen garden.
  • Add some sun, and a few days later you will have your own crop.

Circuitry basics, an introduction to a key maker tool, building a working “Water-Me Signal,” and creating your own microgreen garden -- so many activities in one small box. And salad!

After you build your farm, be sure to check out Red Hat's short documentary film, Farming for the Future, to learn how open source, agriculture, and education are coming together for a fresh perspective on the food system.

Experiment Guide for the Red Hat Co.Lab Farm Kit


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