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  • I've always envisioned a gym where you've got a row of TVs that light up when more people are putting their part in (probably would have to be artificial fading in), or some operational thing in the gym realizes its full potential dependent on people working out. I don't think that generating electricity is a bad idea, but the fact that so little is to be made, monetary reimbursement may be a little to much as the reward wouldn't be so substantial. Maybe LED lights glow a little brighter, or make it into a game where people get competitive and stats/graphical queues are shown on TVs. Maybe you get a cut in your health insurance, since they can actually track you being proactive for your health.

    As far as tracking people's progress, I'd opt for RFID for ease of use and low maintenance. I think you've got a good idea and I hope you get something going here. I'd like to go to a green gym someday.


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