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  • Got it,

    Close encow-ters of the nird kind

  • Talk about a close en-cow-ter!

  • Perhaps hacking a Leica Disto A6 with Bluetooth data transfer and sniffing the data would provide necessary details about the communication protocol, although it has a heftier price tag.

    Very possible Leica locks out serial data transmission on purpose and only use the serial lines for QA.

    I wonder how many of the Leica units have been sold due to this challenge!

  • Mad cool, I've been wondering about this while designing a balancing robot.

  • I think Atmel AVR microcontrollers are awesome as well as Arduino, although I have not used the latter. I have enjoyed spending countless hours writing my own methods in C programming language to do things that the Arduino libraries do out of the box, but majority of people would likely be the opposite. OpenCV (Intel open source computer vision library) on the other hand is something I'm not currently trying to reinvent the wheel on :-), although I will definitely dabble in the DSP of things.
    I am a fan of rapid prototyping though, and as such LOVE Python! If/when PyDuino emerges I will probably be compelled to use it.
    Lastly, I think it will be a great tool for high school students vs Lego NXT which uses a 50MHz Atmel ARM processor and typically a visual programming language (I'm a 3rd year volunteer Lego robotics judge)

  • Ahh, silicon quinoa, my favorite!

  • touch�

  • I believe breathing in airborne heavy metals is bad for your health as it is hard for your body to eject and it just accumulates over time. Luckily very little metal fumes are generated from typical soldering temperatures.

  • I prefer a skateboard :)

  • Above about 700�F the lead in the solder becomes airborne, very toxic (I realize the temp in the video isn't that high). I encourage all to solder with proper ventilation as indicated on solder dispenser pack warning labels, you will be glad you did when it comes time to enjoying your grandkids.

    Asthma, cancer, birth defects, etc can result from too much exposure.

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