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  • Thank you for your quick feedback.

    Is there any chance that you will release code or code snippets some time in the future? Personally, I'm not interested in the WAV/signal processing. What caught my attention was this particular MCU coupled with uSD/FATFS.


  • So the WAV Trigger is only Open Hardware? No source code for the STM32F405 firmware? Just asking.

  • Wrong again. PREEMPT and PREEMPT_RT are 2 different things. Moreover, I guarantee you that even with RT_Linux you can't do much about it. You gotta use something like Xenomai to get the most of your Linux kernel in terms of real time. Forget about PREEMPT and PREEMPT_RT.

    Let me put it this way. I used bit banging (on a different board/proc) to drive the quad stepper controller sold by Sparkfun. In non real-time, everything went smoothly as long as I didn't do anything else with the board. In fact, even the simple sending of a character through the serial console made the stepper stutter. With Xenomai installed, I could run the stepper at 250 RPM in full step without any problems.

  • Using GPIOs for driving servos/steppers without real-time preemption is pointless.

    Try the following approaches:

    1) start your servo program 2) nothing else runs on the board

    approach #2: 1) start your servo program 2) launch a program that does some random stuff (loops/math whatever).

    Conclusion: unless your kernel has been compiled with some sort of real-time extension, you can't trust that library which, as far as I can tell, is simple bit banging. Also, if you just wanted to do something that circumvented the real-time issue, use the hardware paripherals on the Broadcom chip.

  • Why would someone pay $15 for this (probably made in China) when Ebay sells those for no more than $2 (also made in China)?

    Just asking...

    Edit: sorry, it was no more than $3

  • Just don't let Christopher Walken in.

  • Funny. He sounds like the Norwegian foreman in Hell On Wheels on AMC. :-)

  • You too are stupid. I never said that SF must not buy from China. And give me a break with your Kumbaya-One-Happy-Globalized world b.s..
    Also, my main peeve was over the Chinese sugar coated reality painted by SF. Please, stop showing me happy Chinese CEO/supervisor faces. It might fly with moronic kids who buy from you, but not with people who know what happens in those places.
    @ admin
    Please cancel my SF account.

  • You dont seem to grasp the concept of Xenophobia, nor even the actual definition of it...moving along
    whatever I said about my Chinese gf was referring to her waist size no matter the conditions ;-) ;-) ;-). It's all in the eye of the beholder. I feel sorry for the garbage in your head.
    actually, I was making fun of your spelling.
    look more carefully. And that's just one of them.

  • but I'm curious as to where your xenophobia comes from
    Are you idiot? Have I said anything implying that Chinese are intelectually inferior in any way? What has what I said to do with xenophobia? Put the bong down and move away! Slowly!
    I buy American where I can, and I'm close to a couple niche manufacturers here in te metroplex, and most of them are doing pretty well for themselves
    You would make a great social sciences professor. You change the topic pretty fast.
    Oh well, I won't bother answering to any other message.
    Now go get your Arduino and light a few LEDs.
    P.S. I'm not Amerikan, but I kinda care about the trends this country sets.
    P.S. 2. Since you've been in highschool, you should've learned how to spell "they're".

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